John Milligan
Slightly Unhinged
Photographer of
little repute!
I live in a small town called Dookie in N.E. Victoria, Australia. Dookie is the local hub for grain
cDookie Silosollection after the harvest so there are grain silos dotted around town and massive, almost
mountains of grain and canola covered in plastic sheeting waiting to be sent to all corners of
the world.
I started photography by having it almost forced upon me several years ago by ill health and
having to retire from the workforce. I had always liked taking “pictures” but was always too
busy to really get involved with the hobby. To recuperate I started to wander around the
swamp and paddocks where I lived, taking my camera with me. There were lots of shots that
were rubbish, but some photos started to come that I really liked, the more I got involved
the better the photos became. Even the relatively short time I have been doing it I have
started to develop a style that starts to be slightly different, maybe even quirky sometimes! I
am not so fussed about being too technical but more how the finished photo appears to me. I
really enjoy the post-processing of the digital images with various software programs
(Photoshop, etc.) and find it almost therapeutic. My only hope is that some of you looking at
my work (how pretentious) derive some pleasure from it. Remember, you don’t need all that
expensive equipment to take a good photo, it’s what you see and what you point the camera
at that matters. Please don’t be embarrassed about wanting to buy any of my prints, just go
right ahead and buy away!!
Thank you
John Milligan